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Fuck Yeah Stud On Stud! A blog to show my appreciation of studs that love other studs. Feel free to submit your own pictures of studs, AGs, butches and of course stud on stud relationships! Stories about your s4s relationships or experiences are also welcome. :) If at any time you see a picture of yourself posted and wish it to be REMOVED. Just message me and I'll take it down. Apologies in advance.





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1. Name/tumblr url:http://didyoustoptothink.tumblr.com2. Age:173. Orientation (LGBTQAI):Pans4. Gender Identity (girl, boy, trans, queer, non-binary etc.):Girl5. Location (where are you from):Dc6. How you discovered this blog:Via QueerBrownxx7. Your favorite thing about studs:How comfortable they are in their skin.8. Why you support the S4S community:Because love is love.

1. Name/tumblr url:
2. Age:
3. Orientation (LGBTQAI):
4. Gender Identity (girl, boy, trans, queer, non-binary etc.):
5. Location (where are you from):
6. How you discovered this blog:
Via QueerBrownxx
7. Your favorite thing about studs:
How comfortable they are in their skin.
8. Why you support the S4S community:
Because love is love.

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I don’t see a problem with Stud on Stud action.


But maybe that’s just me. I don’t care what a person looks like or the way they dress. I care about their mind more than anything else. That’s want I want to seduce, not their body. What’s so wrong with two studs being together? I loved her more than anything else but she couldn’t love me once I realized I was slowly transitioning from femme to stud. And I just don’t understand. 

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A stud couple 

YES stud on stud, so beautiful :D That’s why I support it 

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1. Name/tumblr url: http://strokeofbrilliance.tumblr.com

2. Age: 21

3. Orientation (LGBTQAI): Lesbian

4. Gender Identity (girl, boy, trans, queer, non-binary etc.): I like the terms “boi”, “butch”, “androgyne” and “stud”. But I like boi the most so we’ll go with that. 

5. Location (where are you from): NY

6. How you discovered this blog: I think I Googled something about studs and Tumblr.

7. Your favorite thing about studs: Our confidence and our taste in clothes. 

8. Why you support the S4S community: Love is love, fuck what you heard.

9. Random Fact: I have a kitten and I’m a YouTuber.

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Hello There

-Lex [ http://limitlesskid.tumblr.com/ ]

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-Googled this site

-I love that studs have bigger balls than boys

-I support the S4S community because I support all communities. Never been in an S4S relationship; But if your heart is in it, i’ll be open to it.

- Random Fact: Youtube Personal 

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STOP THAT GAY SHIT: The Female Masculinity Attraction


Many lesbian-identified women settle comfortably within a label that describes and validates their masculinity. Butch, Stud, AG, etc. 

Often times, you see a couple with two masculine identified women. ButchxButch, StudxStud, AGxAG or variations of the above. The common denominator here is the attraction between two individuals who strongly* identify with female masculinity. These individuals face a ridiculously high level of discrimination within the gay community. (I’m guilty of it myself, despite my own attraction.)

Masculine4Masculine relationships between women are so quickly dismissed in the community as a “bro-mance” or a fling, that often there is no outside validation.

For a group or community that has battled against an outside society’s continuous efforts to force them to validate their OWN relationships, it’s a little ridiculous that this problem exists in the first place.

http://fuckyeahstudonstud.tumblr.com   [[Picture Source]]

Heteronormativity dictates that only a masculine/feminine dynamic can be socially acceptable, aka femme/butch, femme/stud, femme/AG, other.

These strong stereotypes within the gay community based off of what a perceived lesbian couple “should look like” indicate a backwards-sort-of homophobia. 

The stigma attached to the dual female masculinity attraction is often compared to “two gay guys kissing”. How awkward to think that within the gay community, we still find ourselves trapped within the mindset of heteropatriarchy. 

Heteropatriarchy - A system of control in which straight men arrogate economic, social, political, and cultural power to themselves, and derogate and demonize everything they associate with femininity within themselves, within other men, and within women, in order to justify and maintain this power.

Attraction is attraction. What more can be said? Being a lesbian does not require an attraction towards another woman who’s identity is perceived as the “opposite” of hers.

Cut out all of that extra shit.

Straight up, a lesbian is about being attracted to other women. Not all women, but women, nonetheless. 

Studs, AGs, Butches and those who lean towards masculinity on the gender scale are still ultimately women.

Often, a question I see kicked up is What about in the BEDROOM? How can two dominant personality types sexually relate?

Not all masculine women are dominant, much like how not all feminine women are submissive. Each person has their own sexual preference and comfort zone, irregardless of their individual masculine/feminine identity. 

While in a relationship, it’s not just about sex. Not for heterosexual couples, and not for homosexual couples.

here’s a thought: Women who share similar balances of femininity and masculinity may be able to connect and relate to eachother easier because of these similar mind sets.

At the end of the day, what women do in their own bedroom is between them, not anyone else. 

This internalized homophobia that is infecting the gay community can only be destructive. Embrace the things you do not understand and conquer ignorance.

Shunning women because of their attractions is cutting out a limb of the gay community that will only cripple us as a whole.

“Strength is in numbers, not in separatism.”

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S4S I Fuckn luv dis girl
Dnt lyk it fuck ya


S4S I Fuckn luv dis girl

Dnt lyk it fuck ya


Bsego.tumblr.com, Single, DMV Resident, 26 and down with most (s4s, s4f, f4f) but don’t call me any of these…


Bsego.tumblr.com, Single, DMV Resident, 26 and down with most (s4s, s4f, f4f) but don’t call me any of these…


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